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    In order to continue the positive growth within our organization, the Chamber relies on a fantastic team of volunteers to help keep things running smoothly.  Our "Task Teams" work behind the scenes to make sure our members are receiving meaningful benefits, our events are well-run, and our region is getting the attention it deserves. 

    Event Committees-

    The Chamber holds numerous events throughout the year. Some are in the form of fundraisers that help support the mission of our organization, while others, such as our networking and "Meet the Chamber" events, are designed to benefit our members and the community in an immediate and direct way. Our current major events include:

    Annual Meeting

    Tasked with all aspects of planning the Chamber's Annual Meeting of the Membership, usually held in January. The committee begins meeting in Mid-October until the event takes place. Meetings are often bi-weekly. 


    Tasked with all aspects of planning the ChocolateFest LSRCC fundraiser, to be held in March. The committee begins meeting in mid-October until the event takes place. Meetings in person are often monthly, with frequent email contact and bi-monthly as event gets closer.

    Black Fly Open Golf Tournament 

    Tasked with all aspects of planning the Black Fly Open LSRCC fundraiser, usually held in May. The committee begins meeting in mid-January, until the event takes place. Meetings are often every 2-4 weeks in the early planning and then weekly as we get closer to the event. 

    Hospital Days 

    Tasked with all aspects of planning Hospital Days in conjunction with New London Hospital, specifically to include LSRCC's Chamber Night, Band Night and Midway on the Common. The committee begins meeting in mid-January, until the event(s) take place. Meetings are often every 2-4 weeks in the early planning and then weekly as we get closer to the event(s). There are subcommittees that will plan Chamber Night, Band Night and the Midway.


    Tasked with all aspects of planning the SnowFly Fundraiser usually concludes in Nov-Dec. Committee begins meeting in May or June (introduced at Hospital Days) until the event takes place. Meetings are often every 2-4 weeks.

    Marketing Committee-

    Charged with making sure our region gets the attention it deserves, as well as covering all aspects of marketing for the Chamber and its events. The marketing committee is responsible for putting together a yearly marketing plan and budget, and will work with each Event committee to assist in staying on plan and budget. Often meets monthly or every 2-3 weeks during planning periods.

    Membership Committee-

    Charged with reviewing member benefits, dues, and structure to ensure we are remaining competitive as a Chamber and are able to offer our members all of the opportunities that they believe would be beneficial to them as an organization and to the Lake Sunapee Region as a destination and region of commerce. Group meets about every 4-6 weeks.                                        

    Nominating Committee-

    Tasked with identifying and recruiting new individuals to the Chamber's Board of Directors and committees. This group works closely with the board of directors in accepting suggestions from the Directors, Group meets periodically, and as needed, throughout the year. Often this is only every 2-3 months unless immediate needs to fill a position.                                                     

    Education Committee-

    Started in 2014, the Education Committee is the Chamber's newest committee. Tasked with researching and providing relevant educational benefits to our members, they are responsible for the introduction of our Chamber 101 sessions, as well as the creation of our new Business Growth Series. Group typically begins meeting in late spring monthly, then every 2-3 weeks as fall approaches, until all events of the season/series are complete. 

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